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Welcome to Hartford hockey's newest website, WhalePack.com!  This website concept was originally designed and developed by a 16 year-old High School student who has a love for the game of hockey and played Division I High School hockey, moved on to Juniors with the Connecticut Junior Wolf*Pack and is now enjoying a highly successful college hockey career.  This young man has been going to Hartford hockey games since he was 2 years old.  He reads about the various "factions" of Hartford hockey fans on the message boards and has decided to do something to help unify the Hartford hockey fan base into one clearly defined hockey market one fan at a time!  With a little help from his Dad (financial backing for web hosting, web editing software, etc.), WhalePack.com has come to fruition with a bunch of hard work over the summer months a few years ago.

It is time for the Hartford hockey market to celebrate it's past while embracing the future of Hartford hockey.  Whether you are a Whalers fan, Wolf*Pack fan, CT Whale fan, there is something here for you.  Enjoy the videos, photos and even Brass Bonanza!  When you're done looking through your favorite team's video and photos, take some time to look at the "other" team's media and get a truly rewarding understanding of Hartford hockey's victories and sad times for all Connecticut fans.  Whether it's the Calder Cup victory or that sad day on April 13, 1997 when the Whalers left town, take some time to appreciate what we have now and celebrate and reflect on what we had in the past.  Hartford hockey at it's best!  Let's Go (insert Whale or Wolf*Pack)!!!  Cheer for your team, it's Hartford hockey!!!

Our goal is to make this multi-media, interactive experience the most informative and fun website to ever enter the Hartford hockey market.  This is the fan's website, your website, please contribute content, photos, video, facts, information and ideas by sending information to our email address on the "Contact Us" page.  Don't be shy, send us what you'd like to see on your website!

We are still looking for additional photos and video clips for the New England Whalers and Connecticut Whale pages.  We plan to ask the Connecticut Whale team and Hartford Courant for permission to use content from their respective websites.  In the meantime, if you have photos or video clips to share with the Hartford hockey market, please send them to
Webmaster@WhalePack.com .  Provide your name/home town and we'll give you a mention as the source!

Let's Go Hartford Hockey!!!